I hold a Ph.D. degree from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. I have published a wider range of articles in top-tier journals, conference papers in more than 40 countries and books released by Elsevier, Routledge, CABI, Emerald, Springer, among others. I act as the co-editor of Anatolia and serves as an editorial board member of over 20 journals. In addition, I have served as an ad-hoc reviewer for many other tourism and hospitality journals. As a Research Fellow and Visiting Professor, I was affiliated with the University of Namur, College of Charleston, Bournemouth University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Bournemouth University. I was affiliated with the University of Namur, College of Charleston, Bournemouth University, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


On the one side, I am involved in several tourism-based national and international research projects, particularly with my partners based in Europe and the US. Developing such partnerships has resulted in publishing quality journal papers, conference presentations and book chapters.On the other side, I have been invited as a guest lecturer to conduct seminars or lectures in more than 20 countries worldwide. I also have an extensive experience in taking parts in the creation and organization of various tourism and hospitality conferences.


As of December 2021, my works have received over 2500 citations in WoS-referenced journals and over 20,000 citations counted by Google Scholar. Recently, I have been ranked among the most prolific authors both nationally and internationally in terms of the number of articles published and citations received. I am elected as the Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism (Hong Kong, SAR), Research Centre (Austria), and International Academy of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research (USA). My research interests entail marketing and consumer behavior in an interdisciplinary context.


My current affiliation is with Kadir Has University, Turkey.